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1. I acknowledge that I am the claimant, or a legal agent on his behalf, under a valid agency, and a direct and legitimate authorization from him, "whether the main claimant is an individual or a company, and I commit, in the event of any change in the legitimacy, to update the data and refrain from filing any claims related to the vehicle/vehicles that is/are non-owned or under legitimate delegation.

2. I acknowledge that all submitted data, information and documents are correct, and I am committed to updating them in case they change, and I accept communication accordingly.
3. I acknowledge the correctness of the contact information and the means of identification information such as the ID number, date of birth, mobile number, and e-mail address. Additionally, I acknowledge the validity of the entered bank information.

4. I accept text messages and emails sent by the United Cooperative Insurance Company, especially for purposes of identity verification, and to inform me of the status of my requests.

5. I agree to upload all copies of the original documents in a clear, and high-quality copies as required by the company as related to the accident or proof of identity and relationship, or to the vehicle (s), additionally, I will submit any original documents as required by the company.

6. I pledge that if any of the previous clauses are violated, I bear all the legal procedures taken against me, and I also bear full responsibility for any damages resulting from that.
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